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WU Activities in Support of Refugees

WU is car­ry­ing out a num­ber of activ­it­ies and ini­ti­at­ives for refugees in dif­fer­ent areas.

Wise Women of WU: New Mentoring Program for Aspiring Women Leaders

In Aus­tria, wo­men are still blatantly un­derrep­res­en­ted in top-­level man­age­ment pos­i­tions. Sup­port­ing wo­men who aspire to high-­pro­file ca­reers as busi­ness lead­ers is there­fore a key pri­or­ity for WU and...

WU Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger Member of the OeAD GmbH Supervisory Board

WU Rector Edel­traud Hanap­pi-Eg­ger has been se­lec­ted as a new mem­ber of the su­per­vis­ory board of OeAD GmbH. She was nom­in­ated for the pos­i­tion by Uni­versit­ies Aus­tria (uniko) and suc­ceeds Heinz...

Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger re-appointed as rector of WU

Edel­traud Hanap­pi-Eg­ger (54) has been re-ap­poin­ted as rector of WU for the 2019–2023 period, after ap­proval by both the Sen­ate and the Uni­versity Board.