In a globalized world, active participation in international networks helps give us new perspectives on our work as a university. A spirited exchange of ideas with renowned universities provides us with impulses for our own continuous development. We maintain an active exchange of students and faculty with our partner institutions, participate in research partnerships, and develop cooperative academic programs.


WU has been a member of the European University ENGAGE.EU since 2020. This is an alliance of leading European universities in business, economics, and social sciences with rich experience in analyzing societal change. The alliance's ambition is to enable its learners to act as socially engaged European citizens and to have impact on society at large.

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Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)

PRME is an organization that has been acting as an international task force since 2007, developing a platform to foster responsible and sustainable practices in management education. WU defines itself as a responsible university and uses the 6 principles set out by PRME, which are based on the UN Global Compact, as points of orientation for its work. The principles offer guidelines for integrating sustainability and responsibility into the training provided to future executives. WU has already implemented these guidelines in a number of areas.

PRME-Update-Report 2020
PRME-Update-Report 2020
PRME-Update-Report 2018
PRME-Update-Report 2018
PRME-Report 2016
PRME-Report 2016

The Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS)

The CEMS network was established in 1988 by leading business and economics universities (Bocconi University, ESADE, HEC Paris, and the University of Cologne) with the goal of providing students with the training and education they need to lead multinational and multicultural organizations. WU has been a member of this network since 1990.

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WU is the only CEMS partner school in Austria and offers the CEMS program as an integral part of the Master’s Program in International Management. WU’s CEMS/MIM program is among the best worldwide. Within the CEMS network, the high quality of WU’s Master in International Management is recognized with prizes and awards on a regular basis.

CEMS Graduierung 2019

Partnership in International Management (PIM)

Founded in 1973, PIM is an association of renowned business schools. The members are recognized as leading providers of higher education in business and economics in their respective regions. WU is the only Austrian university to belong to this exclusive network. The network’s goal is to foster cooperation between members, especially by creating joint academic programs and encouraging student mobility between member schools. Over 80% of the member schools are WU partner universities.

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Global Business School Network (GBSN)

GBSN is a group of outstanding business and economics universities with the common goal of building up a solid, local management education network in developing countries. WU contributes actively to this initiative and has been offering scholarships to the International Summer UniversityWU for high-potential students from GBSN partner schools in developing countries since 2017.

More networks


ASEAN European Academic University Network (ASEA-UNINET)

The Central European Exchange Program for University Studies (CEEPUS AMADEUS)

Copernicus Alliance

European Common Online Learning Initiative (ECOL)

European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management & Business Administration (EDAMBA)

European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM)


Eurasia-Pacific Uninet

European University Association (EUA)


International Association of Universities (IAU)

International Legal Network of Excellence (THEMIS)

Network for European and US Regional and Urban Studies (NEURUS)

Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research (SCANCOR)

Scholars at Risk

Societal Impact and Global Management Alliance (SIGMA)

Universities for Enlightenment