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Rector's List

At the end of each semester, WU publishes a Rector's List for each bachelor's programs. With the Rector's List, the Rector of WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) honors the best students of every semester for their outstanding academic achievement. The Rector's List is also a vauabe resource for companies looking for high potentials among WU's graduates.

How Is the Rector's List Calculated?

The Rector's List ranks students within their program by grade point average.

The ranking only covers students who have successfully completed courses and exams worth at least 30 ECTS-Credits in the respective semester in this particular program.

If you have completed more than 30 ECTS-Credits per semester, only the grades of the best 30 ECTS will be included in your calculation. If the last included grade has 4 ECTS, but you only need 2 ECTS to reach 30 ECTS overall, this last grade is weighted as if it only had 2 ECTS rather than 4. In addition, the Bachelor theses are not included in the calculations for the ranking.

The top-ranking 1% students by grade point average will be included in the Rector's List. If more than 1% of the students of each program reach the best possible rate of 1,0 out of 30 ECTS-Credits, there will be applied a second criterion. Therefore, the total number of ECTS-Credits completed in the semester will be considered.

To calculate the Rector’s List ranking only those grades are considered whose examination date falls within the corresponding evaluation date:

  • Winter term: 1st of October – 15th of February

  • Summer term: 1st of March – 15th of July (summer term 2022 evaluation date: 28th of February – 15th of July 2022)

In addition, only those grades can be considered that are registered finally in the system in the winter term by March 15th and in the summer term by 15th of August.

Students on the Rector's List will be notified by email (in mid-March for the previous winter semester, in mid-August for the previous summer semester) and receive the conformation by post.