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When learning is a struggle. A peer group.

Study Skills

Sometimes progress is slow. You fail an exam, do not achieve your (learning) goals, maybe even have doubts if you signed up for the right program. It happens to many, but nobody likes to talk about it.

You might ask yourself: Are others having the same issues? How did they deal with it?

A peer group offers a space to talk openly about difficulties and failures during your program and to share helpful strategies.

You can get off your chest what bothers you and learn from peers what disappointments they have encountered and struggled with. You can get inspirations about how to deal with setbacks better in the future. You can rest assured: You are not alone.

Maria Ebner is an adult-eduaction trainer and is currently training to become a psychotherapist. At WU, she runs the Volunteering@WU program and is also part of the Student Counselling team.

Goals & Competencies
  • sharing experiences about failures with colleagues
  • reflecting on coping strategies that work
  • Inputs on failure culture and tips on how to deal with setbacks
  • The registration is closed.
  • Limited spaces. First come, first served.