Studierende sitzen auf den Holzinseln vor dem D2

Clearing my Mind - so that I can start learning

Study Skills

Would you like to be able to shift out of "autopilot" when you are getting stressed during study and exam period? Would you like to have helpful and supportive resources available to find a better way of dealing with stress.

In this workshop, you have the possibility to try one technique from Focusing that can support you in gaining detachment between yourself, your thoughts, feelings and sensations. This can allow you to experience more freedom in stressful moments and face challenges in a more relaxed way.

Stefanie Mackerle-Bixa has been working at WU for 20 years and is head of the Volunteering@WU program. During her current educational leave, she is working on new programs for students and deepening her practice of Focusing.

Goals & Competencies
  • Learning about the Focusing basics & respective attitude
  • Learning a simple technique to detach from worries/problems to reduce stress and find calm.
  • Developing Coping strategies for situations that are (emotionally) overwhelming)
  • Increasing trust in your own (body) awareness and ability to help yourself.
  • The registration is closed.
  • Limited spaces. First come, first served.