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Success Skill | The Art of Decision Making


Workshop | D1.1.074 | 1:30 - 3:30 PM

Success Skill | The Art of Decision Making


Making good decisions for yourself is a crucial self-leadership skill and essential to successfully navigate through life. In times of information and supply overload, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make decisions. There can be a huge gap between the theoretical options you can think of and your felt sense of real choice (Paradox of Choice). In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to question your decision-making patterns and expand your possibilities in your decision-making process.

ContextWe make an estimated 35,00 decisions a day. Strengthening your ability to discerning which of these are important, which ones are habitual and OK and in what moments you may be looking at life decisions in a one-sided way (blind spots) is the intention for this practical in-person workshop.
Skills & Goals
  • Simple analysis tool that helps you to consider all relevant aspects when making decisions.
  • You will learn how to recognize "real" freedom of choice.
  • You will learn practical, body-based exercises to align your thoughts and gut feeling.
  • The registration is closed.
  • Limited spaces - “first come, first served” principle.
  • Be kind! – Please drop us a line if you can‘t attend so we can offer your spot to somebody else.
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