Studierende sitzen auf den Holzinseln vor dem D2

Skill Session | Holding space for self & others


In-Person Training | LC.2.004 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Skill Session | Holding space for self & others


The Skill Sessions is a series of independent one-hour embodiment trainings where you learn practical and body-based exercises that help you hone human skills and abilities to increase your sense of agency in challenging life and study contexts.

ContextHolding space is a leadership skill for all those who want to take on leadership roles and all those who enjoy working with other people in a team. Holding space starts with self-awareness. Holding space also means co-creating spaces where judgment is suspended, i.e. where you are not judging and not being judged. Don't we all want more of these spaces where we can be who we are?
Skills & Goals
  • Strengthening your intero- and exteroception
  • consciously experiencing the influence of tension/relaxation on perceived space
  • Centering as a foundation for holding space
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  • Limited spaces. First come, first served. Be kind: if you can't make it, please drop us a line in time so we can offer your spot to another student.


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