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Attention Management Basics

Life Skills

In the business world, it’s normal that people and things are being managed. In the today's world, where the internet and social media are virtually omnipresent, attention is also managed. How is attention management relevant and practical for day-to-day student life? How can it be helpful? And: How do attention and perception influence how we are in the world and the sense of agency we feel? What role does body attention play in this?

In this short taster workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore these questions together with Daniela from the Student Counselling Team, to you can find your own answers.

Goals & Competencies
  • The importance of and connection between body awareness and agency
  • Practical embodiment exercises that are useful in daily study life
  • Leadership presence model as a basis and analysis tool for attention management
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  • Limited spaces. First come, first served.