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Semester Re-registration

Deadline for winter semester 2024/25: July 10, 2024 - October 31, 2024.


Please pay the tuition fee (if applicable) and the Students' Union (ÖH) dues during the re-registration period to continue your studies and remain enrolled at the university for another semester.

If you are studying at more than one Austrian university, you will only be automatically re-registered at the university at which you pay. You must actively re-register at any other university.

Current deadlines.

  • If you do not re-register by the end of the re-registration period, your degree program will be closed.
  • You are no longer a student. In this case, you will NOT be able to take exams, attend courses or complete recognition procedures, etc.

Re-Registration Modalities

a) Re-registration at a self-service terminal

The easiest and quickest way: You pay directly at the self-service terminals in front of the Study Service Center (LC, 2nd floor). All you need is your student ID card and an ATM card.
You can print out your enrollment information sheet and continuation confirmations immediately and renew your student ID card.

It is not possible to re-register for the Vienna University Preparation Program (Vienna University Preparation Program) at a self-service terminal. Please come to the counter.

b) Re-registration in the online services for students

In the "Online Services for Students" you can pay by EPS bank transfer and credit card. You will also find the payment information for online bank transfers (customer details, account number, sort code, etc.).

  • Please do not forget your customer details - this is the only way your payment can be attributed to you!
  • There will be a time delay when re-registering via online bank transfer: payment - bank - Austrian Federal Computing Center - university.
  • Only after the payment information has been received can the enrollment information sheet and the confirmation of continuation be printed out and the student ID card extended.

c) Re-registration when paying at another university (parallel programs)

If you have paid the tuition fee / Students' Union (ÖH) dues at another university, you must actively re-register for your WU degree program at one of our self-service terminals or under "Online Service for Students".

Automatic re-registration is not possible for legal reasons.
Please always pay at the university with the highest advance payment!

Re-registration is only possible a few days after payment or resumption of the degree program at WU.