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Support Services

Here you can find various services to support you in designing your blended learning courses. This information will be continuously updated.

Coaching, Consultation, Recommendations

We not only support you in designing your blended learning course, but also help you choose and integrate digital elements that create added value for your course. We will discuss how your course can be best be implemented on LEARN and which digital tools will help to engage students during classroom sessions. Together, we will find ways to connect the online and classroom teaching and learning phases of your course to create a coherent whole.

Some topics that can be addressed during your blended learning consultation or coaching session:

  • Planning the sequence of online phases and classroom units for the whole semester

  • Designing online units/phases

  • Integrating digital media into your course concept to increase student engagement

Scope and scheduling of your consultation or coaching session:

  • Coaching sessions allow you to discuss topics that come up in the course of your teaching and/or to refine the way your work is supported by digital media. A joint review at the end of your course allows us to jointly reflect on possible improvements to your blended learning concept.

  • The duration of a consultation or coaching session can vary depending on your topic. You can clarify a small question in 30 minutes or try out a digitally supported setting (usually in almost the same time). You can gather ideas for the conception of your course or discuss the concept for an online phase in longer meetings via MS teams or on site. Follow-up appointments can be arranged as required.

  • We are also happy to organise and/or facilitate discussions on experiences with digitally supported learning settings.


Andrea Ghoneim
Barbara Neunteufl
T: 01 31336-4892

Recommendations regarding blended learning courses

The following recommendations are intended to provide orientation and guidance for members of WU’s teaching staff and help you design your courses in the new blended learning format.

Recommendations regarding BL courses
Recommendations regarding BL courses