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Course Evaluation

Feedback is important for both students and teachers. At WU, a distinct feedback culture is an essential part of university teaching. We would like to support this in the best possible way with our course evaluation service. In addition, WU is required to evaluate its teaching regularly. Lecturers have the option of having their courses evaluated voluntarily at any time.

Important note

In the academic year 2023/24 master program courses are mandatory for evaluation. Since summer semester 2021, all evaluations take place on the new evaluation platform as standard. If you would like to evaluate voluntarily please contact

Information on the technical process can be found in the MyLEARN Guide; tips and tricks for embedding it in courses at WU's Teaching & Learning Academy (Only in German).

The administration of course evaluations (including requests, editing evaluation forms, and viewing results) takes place on the evaluation web portal on LEARN (in German only). A guide for teachers decribing the course evaluation process is available here

Additional information on course evaluations

The evaluation process

The evaluation cycle

Evaluation results

Additional feedback options

Legal framework of course evaluations

Course evaluation upgrade at WU

Course evaluation as part of quality management