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“Covid-19 – Chances & risks of the crisis for the drugstore industry” Expert Talk with Mag. Lichtblau from BIPA


The second expert talk of this semester took place virtually on the 17th of March with the managing director of BIPA, Mag. Thomas Lichtblau on the topic of “Covid-19 – Chances & risks of the crisis for the drugstore industry”. Mag. Lichtblau offered interesting insights into the company and their handling of the Covid-crisis with an honest analysis of current chances and risks.  With agile management and a quickly established crisis team, BIPA was optimally equipped for Covid-19 and was able to set up sophisticated safety concepts and an adapted product range.

Mag. Lichtblau further emphasized transparent communication with their employees, not just in times of crisis. He also saw chances for the company for megatrends like sustainability, where BIPA already offers a green price label for sustainable products. The interactive elements of the presentation and the insightful Q&A session afterwards made this expert talk a great success.

We are thanking Mag. Lichtblau for his time and are looking forward to future collaborations together with BIPA!

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