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Rapid Rise in Corporate Climate-tech Investments Complements Support from Public Grants

A new study published in Nature Energy finds that corporate investments into climate-tech start-ups coupled with public and other private funding can expedite the deployment of new technologies.

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Building the future of finance: Launch of the DIGITAL doctoral research program

Employing digital technologies to make the European financial sector more efficient, robust, and sustainable – this is the goal of the EU-funded MSCA Digital Finance research program. WU Vienna…

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“A unique opportunity to conduct fundamental research in the field of AI”

In the FWF Cluster of Excellence “Bilateral AI”, top researchers from Austria are working on the future development of artificial intelligence. Among them are experts from WU like Axel Polleres – in…

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CO2 capture: a promising climate technology

Capturing CO2 from the air can complement approaches to reducing CO2 from the source — but depending on how they scale, according to a recent study.

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Europe at the crossroads

As a collection of nation states, the EU has fallen behind the USA and China economically. It was only when the war in Ukraine broke out that European integration started to regain faster momentum…

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The copyright challenges of artificial intelligence

Is it allowed to use copyrighted data in the training of AI applications, and to what extent? Are AI-generated creations protected by copyright? These and similar questions show that copyright is a…

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Sadistic entertainment, clan wars, and vigilante policing: Study sheds light on the dark side of online communities

Verbal abuse, insults, threats: Some online communities are notorious for their toxic atmosphere. A study co-authored by a WU researcher has documented the underlying mechanisms – and looked at why…

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New supply chain legislation: A catalyst for sustainable development?

After some delays, on March 15, 2024, the European Council eventually passed a vote in favor of the new Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD). This directive, intended to make…

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The Sword of Damocles

It’s Friday, January 20, 2017, Washington D.C., shortly after 12:00 noon, local time. Donald Trump stands at the western front of the Capitol building, a few moments after taking the oath of office…

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Shifting balances of economic power

Free trade agreements and economic globalization have gone out of fashion: Sanctions, protectionism, and fears cloud the outlook for a prosperous development of international trade relations.