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Industrial mining causes major forest loss in the tropics
The growing demand for minerals and the resulting mining activities continue to drive deforestation worldwide. Today, mines worldwide extract more than twice the amount of raw materials mined in 2000. Tropical forests are particularly vulnerable. Until now, the full extent of the impact on tropical ecosystems has been unknown. But researchers from WU Vienna, together with other universities, have now presented the first comprehensive study on the spread of forest loss due to intensified mining.
Trust beats punishment: How to improve the sharing economy
The sharing economy is turning the corporate world upside down. More and more companies and organizations are focusing on services and goods that are used collectively. To get customers involved in such collaborative business models, they need to trust each other and the company that provides the service. After all, the sharing economy is associated with some inherent risks: People who borrowed a shared car may return it covered in dirt, someone may trash a shared holiday home during their visit, or someone may flood the community garden. A team of researchers from WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and the University of Cologne have investigated the role that different forms of regulation play in the sharing economy and its communities.