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PhD Program in Economic and Social Sciences

Structure & Content

subjectECTSweekly hours
Academic writing (1-3 courses)6-182-6
Research Methods (1-3 courses)6-182-6
Methodology and Theory (1-3 courses)6-182-6
Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (1-2 courses)6-122-4
Research Seminar - Participating in scientific discourse (2-6 courses)12-364-12
Electives (to be attended outside WU; 2 courses, conferences or summer schools)64
Research Proposal--
Defensio Dissertationis6-

The PhD in Economic and Social Sciences is a three year-program with 26 weekly hours of courses. Which courses are taken and how the individual subjects are weighed is defined in Dissertation Agreements, which are concluded annually between supervisor and PhD student.

The Research Proposal is a summary of your research project that is published for one month in the Intranet of WU and assessed by a supervision team consisting of at least three members.

The defense is graded by a doctoral committee consisting of three members (at least one of them from outside WU).

PhD Labels

In the PhD program in Economic and Social Sciences, there are currently two specialisations offering subject-specific courses amounting to 60 ECTS credits. On completion, the label shows on the leaving certificate.

More information can be found on the websites of the departments offering the specialisations:

PhD Label Economics
PhD Label Mathematics in Economics and Business