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WU to change selection procedures for bachelor’s programs


The legal measures taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus will also affect the selection procedures for admission to WU’s bachelor’s programs. For the 2 German-taught programs, Business, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo) and Business Law (WiRe), the written entrance exam will be replaced by an essay. The entrance exam for the English-taught program, Business and Economics, will be held online. All other admission requirements remain unchanged.

“It is still unclear when large-scale events, including large-scale exams, will be permitted in Austria again. In light of these circumstances, WU decided to adapt selection procedures for admission as early as possible, so applicants won’t be confronted with short-term changes and can be well prepared for the entrance exams,” says WU Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger.

Deadlines remain unaffected

The admission deadlines for WU’s bachelor’s programs remain the same. All applicants have until May 19 to register online for the selection procedure (Matura or secondary school leaving certificate is not yet required for this step) and pay the €50 application fee. If after May 19 the number of applicants for any one bachelor’s program exceeds the number of places prescribed by the government for that program, applicants for all 3 programs have until June 2 to take the online self-assessment test (OSA). The OSA is intended to give applicants a realistic impression of the content of the program and of how the program is organized. It includes questions about applicants’ expectations and interests, and it also offers exercises that test essential skills required for the program (e.g. reading comprehension in German and English). Applicants for the English-taught bachelor’s program are also required to answer three questions on their motivation in English in the registration tool parallel to the OSA. If after June 2 the number of applicants who have completed the OSA (+ answerd questions on motivation for the BBE program) exceeds the number of available places, the final phase of the selection procedure will be initiated.

Final phase: Essay for WiSo and WiRe programs, entrance exam for BBE

In the case of the 2 German-taught programs – Business, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo) with 2,703 places and Business Law (WiRe) with 870 places – the written entrance exam for admission for the 2020/2021 academic year will be replaced with an essay, due to the large number of applicants. The essay must be in German and submitted in writing. Comprehensive information on the format, content, topic, and submission deadline (probably early/mid-July) will be published on the WU website as soon as possible. Essays will be assessed based on argumentation, problem-solving, and language skills, among other factors. For the English-taught Business and Economics (BBE) program with 240 places, the entrance examination will be held as scheduled on July 7, but online. As borders are currently closed and further developments remain unforeseeable, international applicants should not be put at a disadvantage. Further information on this will also be published on the WU website as soon as possible.

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