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Career success with a WU bachelor’s degree


Recent surveys of WU bachelor’s graduates once again confirm their success in the job market: WU graduates are highly regarded by employers, find a job quickly, and after just a few years of experience, they already earn an average gross monthly income of almost €4,000. Aside from the excellent career opportunities and the good income, interest in the subjects taught is also a decisive factor why young people choose to study at WU.

Career aspirations, interest in the subject, a good income, and the goal of getting ahead in life and broadening one’s horizons are the top five reasons why people decide to start a bachelor’s degree program at WU. WU Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger says, “It’s good to see that people also choose to study at WU because they want to pursue their interests. Survey data and our experience show that students complete their studies more quickly and successfully if they are enthusiastic about the subject they study. We also know that WU students have quite clear goals right from the start. They choose WU because they expect good and interesting career opportunities.”

WU programs live up to students’ expectations

WU bachelor’s graduates find jobs quickly after graduation. On average, they only send out five applications and receive a job offer within two months. One in four graduates do not even have to look for a job after graduation because they already have a job before they graduate. After about five years of work experience, graduates of the WU Bachelor’s Program in Business, Economics, and Social Sciences and the WU Bachelor’s Program in Business Law earn an average gross monthly salary of just under €4,000. With a master’s degree, the income of WU graduates increases further in the long term.

High satisfaction levels among companies and employers

Regular surveys of Austrian companies confirm the success of WU graduates. Executives and HR managers hire WU alumni because of their excellent, broad-based business education, but also because of their willingness to perform and their professionalism. Other strengths of WU graduates mentioned in the surveys are strong self-management skills and the ability to work independently, a high level of commitment and determination, in-depth knowledge, and a practice-oriented, hands-on spirit.

The current registration period for WU’s bachelor’s programs runs until May 19.

For information on the application and admission procedures for all bachelor’s programs, please see: wu.at/bachelor

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