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Clear specializations & more academic success: new curriculum for largest WU degree program


The WU Bachelor's Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences is one of the most popular degree programs in Austria, with nearly 4,000 students applying for admission every year. In order to better prepare graduates for today’s challenges and the needs of the labor market, as well as to increase the conditions for academic success, a comprehensive reform of the degree program has been undertaken. From winter semester 2023/24 onward, the degree program allows students to specialize more, it fosters international engagement and addresses the topics of responsibility and digitalization.

The Bachelor's Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences takes six semesters and offers students a broad education in economics, with a number of selective combination possibilities. Prospective students will be offered a degree program with optimized conditions for academic success, new focus areas and more room for individual specializations. WU Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger says, "On the one hand, the new curriculum reflects current requirements of society and the labor market by setting focal points. On the other hand, WU has also improved the transitions within the degree program and has created clearer structures.” For example, in order to shorten the duration of studies, the introductory and orientation phase under the title "Perspectives on Business” will only include three courses instead of four. In the second year, students will be able to choose one out of five majors: Business Administration, International Business Administration, Economics, Information Systems, and the new major Economy - Environment – Politics, focusing on the interconnections between economics and today’s major social challenges such as global inequality, poverty and climate change.

Internationalization, digitalization and responsibility

Besides making room for individual specializations, the new curriculum also focuses on project work and solving case studies to best prepare students for the professional world. In addition, it also addresses the topics of responsibility, internationalization and digitalization. This is why the new curriculum will make it easier for students to go abroad and gain international experience. In addition to traditional semesters abroad, short programs and other international opportunities from home will be offered. "All graduates should have a global mindset by the end of their degree program. Since not every person - for whatever reason - can afford to go abroad for several months, alternatives must be provided," says WU Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger. Teaching the necessary IT basics and applications in the context of economics, such as Big Data skills or programming, is yet another point the new curriculum focuses on. "The degree program will of course remain a face-to-face program in order to give students the opportunity to experience university life to the fullest. However, where it makes sense didactically, digital teaching formats will be used.” The entire WU community (internal and external experts) participated in a comprehensive process to reform the largest bachelor's program at WU. A broad basic education combined with individual specializations prepares the graduates for the challenges of our time and turns them into skilled and highly-appreciated employees.

Find out more about the new specializations of the bachelor's program (Information is currently available in German only)

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