Blick in das LC Gebäude

Two presentations of MCA at EMAC 2022


Online reviews have become an important feedback instrument for both (prospective) customers and companies. Given their increasing importance, marketers are keen to understand and to monitor customers’ reviewing behavior in order to manage their brand’s online reputation. Last week at the EMAC conference, Nadine Schröder presented what drives customers to write a favorable review and how marketers can leverage these insights to manage reviews in a proactive manner. The study is joint work with Konstantin Kremslehner, Filipe Sengo Furtado, and Thomas Reutterer.

Other team members presentations included the following papers and projects:

Thomas Reutterer/Stefan Vamosi “AI-based Re-identification of Behavioral Clickstream Data”

Nadine Schröder “Reaching for the stars: Identifying drivers of online reviews for proactive customer review management”

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