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CANCELLATION Guest Talk: Quantum Computing: A Brief Introduction

We have to inform you that the guest talk planned for 11.12.2018 will not take place. We will hopefully have Prof. Leymann visiting us in a couple months. 


We start by briefly reminding the notion of uncertainty and superposition from quantum physics. Based on this, the concept of a quantum bit, the role of measurements, as well as the fundamental structure of a quantum algorithm are introduced. Next, quantum registers and entanglement are discussed. Operators to manipulate quantum registers are presented. The problem of decoherence is sketched. Next, the algorithm of Deutsch-Jozsa reveals the potential of exponential speedup of quantum algorithms. Algorithms to speedup unstructured search (Grover) and factorization (Shor) are sketched. A glimpse on quantum information follows. Finally, the possible mid term use of quantum computers is discussed.

Note: The talk assumes background knowledge in linear algebra.


Frank Leymann is a full professor of computer science at University of Stuttgart, Germany. His research interests include service- oriented architectures and associated middleware, workflow- and business process management, cloud computing and associated systems management aspects, and patterns. Frank is co-author of more than 400 peer-reviewed papers, about 70 patents, and several industry standards. He is elected member of the Academy of Europe.

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