Guest Talk "Digital government evolution: From one-stop shop to no-stop shop"


Hendrik Scholta

Date/Time: 6.10.2021, 12:00

Location: D2.2.094


This talk provides a response to two observations about current public services. First, despite reasonable efforts to improve the design of forms and to establish single points of contact in one-stop shops, clients still perceive forms as cumbersome. Second, clients expect public organizations to act proactively by initiating appropriate public services themselves, instead of relying on requests for services from clients. To address these two issues, this talk proposes a transition from a one-stop shop to a no-stop shop, where the client does not have to perform any action or fill in any forms to receive public services. Hendrik will present an e-government stage model that extends existing models. Existing models guide progress toward the one-stop shop and the presented model describes two further stages: the limited no-stop shop and the no-stop shop. Hendrik will also report on three case studies in which the presented e-government stage model was applied: the e-government practices in Austria, Estonia, and an Australian state government.


Hendrik Scholta is a postdoctoral researcher at the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS) at the University of Münster, Germany. He completed his PhD on the standardization of forms and user interfaces in public organizations in 2018. Hendrik has been involved in several projects funded by national and international funding organizations that especially deal with the topics digital government, standardization, and business process management. He has published his work in international journals such as Government Information Quarterly, Business and Information Systems Engineering and Information Systems, and presented at conferences such as ICIS and ECIS. Hendrik’s research interests include digital government, business process management, and conceptual modeling.

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