3rd Virtual Mini-Symposium "Future Paths of Knowledge Management"


The Knowledge Management Group at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria, in collaboration with the OCKO – Organizing Cognition in Knowing Organizations Research Group at the University of Vienna, Austria, is organizing the third session of this virtual symposium series to shed light on all these topics on 

Thu, 21 September, 4.00 – 6.30 p.m. (CET) 

Fri, 22 September, 4.00 – 6.30 p.m. (CET) 

The aim of this virtual mini-symposium is to share perspectives, gather ideas, and spark the discussion about the future of KM. 

Well-known researchers will share their thoughts and present their ideas. Three short presentations per evening will stimulate the subsequent discussion. We invite researchers, practitioners and people interested in the topic alike to attend the symposium and participate in the discussion. 

The virtual mini symposium will be held online via Zoom.

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