WU graduates quickly find jobs with high salaries


Graduates of WU master’s programs find a job very quickly, WU alumni are very highly paid university graduates.

ATRACK’s analyses are based on Austrian social security data and were carried out with the help of Statistics Austria. The advantage of a WU degree is particularly evident with regard to salary: With a salary of €3,300 to €4,100 (after about five years), WU alumni are very highly paid university graduates.

Job hunting: WU graduates find jobs quickly

Graduates of WU bachelor’s programs also find employment very quickly after graduation, on average within 2½ months. WU’s master’s graduates are employed even faster, on average starting their first job within one month. 25% of WU’s master’s graduates have even found a job before completing their degree. According to the WU Student Panel Monitoring surveys, WU alumni only have to apply for about five jobs before finding employment. Even years after graduation, unemployment remains extremely low, at 1–2%. WU degree holders are also in demand in international environments, as up to 25% of graduates of a WU master’s program relocate their main place of residence abroad in the long term.

Reasons for studying at WU: Clearly defined career plans and interest in the subject

With the help of the WU Student Panel Monitoring surveys, WU can also draw conclusions about students’ motives, professional success, and even about graduates’ satisfaction with their programs and jobs. “Interest in the subject matter is one reason students come to WU. This is good news, because studies show that students are more likely to be successful if they are enthusiastic about the topic of their studies. We also know that WU students have very clear ambitions for success right from the start. They choose WU because they expect better career prospects and a good income. The recent results of the ATRACK project confirm once again that in doing so, they are making the right choice," says WU Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger. A survey of Austrian companies conducted in cooperation with the WU ZBP Career Center also confirms WU’s success. Executives and HR managers appreciate the excellent quality of a WU education. They associate WU alumni with excellent professional skills, ambition, and determination. Adequacy of training is a further indicator of WU alumni’s professional success: Both bachelor’s and master’s graduates state that they feel that they are well prepared to face on-the-job challenges with regard to their professional qualifications, the demands of the job, and their professional position.

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