Over 100,000 euros for WU research project on migration


The City of Vienna is funding a research project at WU on the communication of migration knowledge through a new science call

The research project focuses on public discourse and media reporting, which is characterized by half-truths, emotionalization and fake news, especially with regard to migration and integration.

The project, which is funded with 101,000 €, aims to convey research-based knowledge about migration, flight, asylum and integration to adolescents and young adults and at the same time to involve them as members of a migration society in the production of knowledge. The focus is on the Vienna area districts of Donaustadt, Floridsdorf, Simmering, Favoriten and Liesing.

"From the knowledge of the many"

The funding comes from one of the City of Vienna's two most recent science calls. In February 2022, Vienna City Councilor for Culture and Science Veronica Kaup-Hasler called for submissions on the topic of "From the Knowledge of the Many" in addition to a research call for "Democracy in progress - contributions. The aim is to promote science education in Vienna's districts with innovative strategies and projects. Here, the WU project was able to secure the highest amount of funding from the pot totaling €1.1 million with €101,000.

The projects had been recommended by two independent juries and decided on September 7 by the Committee of the Business Group Culture and Science of the Vienna City Council. Now the selected researchers will enter the implementation phase of their multi-faceted projects.

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