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Erich Striessnig receives Fulbright-Award

Erich Striess­nig, Wit­tgen­stein Centre for Demo­graphy and Global Hu­man Cap­ital, re­ceives Ful­bright-Bot­st­iber Vis­it­ing Pro­fess­or­ship at the Na­tional Center for At­mo­spheric Re­search in Boulder, Col­or­ado to study the so­ciodemo­graphic char­ac­ter­ist­ics of cli­mate change.

Dur­ing his four month stay Striess­nig will com­bine the mul­ti-di­men­sional co­hort-­com­pon­ent model developed by II­ASA in col­lab­or­a­tion with the Wit­tgen­stein Centre with the NCAR model, by ad­ding age-­struc­ture to the spa­tial di­men­sion of pop­u­la­tion het­ero­gen­eity.

The pur­pose of the Ful­bright-Bot­st­iber Award in Aus­tri­an-Amer­ican Stud­ies in the United States is to pro­mote the un­der­stand­ing of the his­tor­ical re­la­tion­ship between Aus­tria and the United States. In close col­lab­or­a­tion with col­leagues at NCAR, Striess­nig will start with a U.S. case study and ap­ply his model to Aus­tria in a next step.

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