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CEMS students from all over Europe gather in support of climate protection

The Master in International Management/CEMS program is regarded as one of the most renowned master’s programs in management worldwide. Responsible and sustainable management are among the key values of this international program. This summer semester, the nine leading CEMS schools around the world, among them WU, have offered their students a unique course package focusing on climate protection. Next week, the program will conclude with an event on May 14 to 16, where 150 CEMS students from all across Europe will come together to issue a call for action.

Climate protection is one of the key challenges and responsibilities facing all companies around the world. It will only be possible to meet the 2°C target laid down in the Paris climate agreement if everyone works together. To achieve this goal, it is of crucial importance to raise awareness of sustainability and climate protection among future business leaders. CEMS (The Global Alliance in Management Education) is a network of leading international business schools and multinational corporate partners. A CEMS degree is regarded as a valuable stepping-stone for a career in international management. The CEMS master’s program provides students with profound management skills for international contexts and is ranked among the world’s top ten master’s programs in management by the Financial Times. In Austria, the CEMS master’s program has been available exclusively at WU since 2009. Together with eight other leading CEMS universities, WU offered a unique series of high-profile lectures on climate change. The program concludes with an event that brings together some 150 CEMS students from 30 countries at Barcelona’s ESADE from May 14 to 16, 2018. The students, including CEMS master’s students from WU, will discuss global climate protection challenges and strategies with representatives of the Green Climate Fund of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The participants will also work to develop a clearer picture of what is involved in the development of climate protection policies, and they will simulate an international climate conference to better understand the various interest groups and structures involved. Call to action! To send out a strong signal calling for increased climate protection, the students have been carrying out a range of activities, some of them through social media, in the run-up to the event in Barcelona. At WU, the development of sustainable, future-oriented approaches has been a top priority for many years now. “At WU, we want to set an example for our students to follow and inspire them to think sustainably. To achieve this goal, we are working to make the principles of sustainability and responsibility visible in everything we do,” says WU Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger. “After the move to our new campus, we launched a major environmental initiative, developing and implementing an environmental management system that covers all areas of WU’s day-to-day operations as a university, from teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and management all the way to operational tasks and infrastructure. We are particularly pleased to see our CEMS students show so much commitment. We can be hopeful that the next generation of business leaders will care deeply about sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyles and business practices.” At the end of the CEMS event, representatives of the CEMS Alumni Association and the CEMS Student Board will sign a symbolic call to action to officially document their commitment to climate protection.


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