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The Four Levels of Listening


In-person Workshop | LC, Clubraum (LC.2.400) | 9:00 – 12:00

The Four Levels of Listening

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The four levels of listening help you to take the power of the group to the next level.

ContextIn this practical workshop, psychologist Ana Bernardes will use MIT’s Theory U concept (developed by Otto Scharmer) and invite you to experience first-hand how individual self-responsibility can impact and change the collective.Ana works as an trainer and facilitator with a focus on embodiment and movement in corporate and educational contexts.
Skills & Goals
  • Brief introduction to the Theory U framework
  • Physical exercised to understand on a physical and personal level when the different levels of listening are useful
  • Applying the theoretical framework to your real-life situations
  • Working with Social Presencing Theater
  • cultivating presence and self-awareness for better collaboration with colleagues
  • improving your communication and listening skills through embodied practice
  • Please click this link to sign up for the workshop.
  • Note that places are limited. If you can’t make it, let us know so we can offer the space to another student
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