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The program

The WU Top League supports students by providing special coaching during students' first year, mentoring during their studies and assistance with career planning after graduation. The aim is to motivate participants to achieve outstanding academic performance.

The Principles

The six-semester honors program is divided into two phases and is based on three different services:

  • Coaching

Support by the Top League Office as well as mentoring by more advanced students in the program (tutors)

  • Top League Meetings

Meetings with guest speakers on various study-related topics, field trips

  • Sponsored Meetings

Events held by the corporate partners of each Top League year

Program structure

Phase I (Semesters 1 to 3)
1. Semester
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Kick Off
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Top League Meetings
2./3. Semester
  • 1-2 Sponsored Meetings
  • 1-2 Top League Meetings
  • Coaching/Mentoring
3. Semester Graduation to Phase II based on academic performance record


Phase II (Semester 4 to 6)
4./5. Semester
  • Welcome Ceremony
  • 1-2 Sponsored Meetings
  • 1-2 Top League Meetings
6. Semester Commencement Event


In addition to their outstanding academic achievements, WU Top League Students are characterized by initiative, creativity and willingness to help and support other group members.
Many Top League students are involved in various activities within the framework of the program, for example:

  • working as Tutors to help the Top League freshmen,


  • acting as "WU-Ambassadors" during School Visits at WU or in local secondary schools, introducing tomorrow's students to the degree programs and Top League,


  • representing Top League at the WU Open House and at their own stand at the BeSt fair,

  • representing the interests of their own group in Phase II as Delegates, or

  • informing fellow students at Top League Additional Events.