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Writer's block? - No problem!

Study Skills
Daniel Kufner

Do you find it difficult to write? You don't know how to approach the writing process? How to bring structure to your ideas and write in a way that is both easy to understand and academic? We will clarify confusing ideas around writing, develop research questions and draft texts or create reading notes.

In this workshop, you will engage with approaches to writing that facilitate the writing process and get you into the flow of writing. You can experiment with basic writing techniques that take away anxiety and make writing interesting and enjoyable. Clustering helps you to bring structure to your thoughts - for your thesis as well as for complex situations in everyday life. Freewriting simply allows you to move text from your head onto paper and you have a draft that you can elaborate further. We will practice together and you can learn where you can find literature, support and other useful information.

With degrees in German and history, Daniel Kufner works at the WU Library, as a climbing instructor and writing coach in training.

Goals & Competencies
  • Understanding writing as a process you can learn
  • Increasing ease and confidence in writing
  • Gain courage to discover your own writing language
  • Develop a positive attitude towards writing
  • The registration is closed.
  • Limited spaces. First come, first served.