Studierende sitzen auf den Holzinseln vor dem D2

Peergroup Studying with kid(s)

Studierende sitzen im Sesselkreis, Vortragende wirft einen Ball in die Luft und lächelt

Students with children face the daily challenge of finding a balance between their study requirements, being a parent and often also work commitments. In this moderated peer group, you have the possibility to share experiences with other students who are also parents. You can meet peers in similar situations, support each other and face future challenges together.

Dates Summer Semester 2024

Thursday, 22 February 202409:30-11:30 amProject room LC.2.004
Thursday, 21 March 202409:30-11:30 amProject room LC.2.004
Thursday, 25 April 202409:30-11:30 amProject room LC.2.004
Thursday, 23 May 202409:30-11:30 amProject room LC.2.004
Thursday, 20 June 202409:30-11:30 amProject room LC.2.004

No good time for you?

You're interested in joining the peer group but can't make the times listed? Email us at with your preferred times, and we'll try to schedule around them for the winter semester.

No registration required

To join this peer group, it is not necessary to register in advance. Just drop in! You will find us in project room LC.2.004, which is located on the Level 2 of the LC Building. The fastest way is through the main entrance of the library.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

Any questions? Just drop us a line at

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