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German Courses for Non-German-Speaking WU Employees

Support from the WU Personnel Development Office

The Personnel Development Office will cover 50% of the costs of attending German classes (maximum € 750.00 per person and year) - under the following conditions:

  • The remaining 50% is covered by the employee’s academic or organizational unit.

  • Only group courses are subsidized. The costs for private lessons can only be covered for WU Management and Professors.

  • Your request reaches us at least three weeks before course start. Please note that we can no longer refund prepaid German courses.

You can also print the following information as a PDF file here.

Organizational procedure
  1. Choose a language school or language course. Some language schools require an initial placement test before booking, which must be taken either online or at the school, depending on the individual institute. After completing the placement test, please contact Magdalena Ettenauer at the Personnel Development Office (Magdalena; ext. 5248) and provide the following information:

    • Language school chosen

    • Placement test results (if provided by the language school)

    • Preferred course and relevant course details (course date, time, days on which the course is held, etc.)

    • We have included a list of language schools below to help you make your choice.

  2. Talk to your supervisor about having your unit cover 50% of the costs for the course you have selected, and ask him or her to send a brief email to Magdalena Ettenauer to let her know that the expense has been approved.
    If you would like to attend a WU Business Language Center course, we will need to know which of your institute’s cost centers to bill for the German course, in addition to confirmation that the expense has been approved (see also item 4).
    Please note that the confirmation that your unit will cover 50% of the costs must reach us no later than two weeks before the course starts, to allow sufficient time for the processing of your sign-up request (subject to availability of places) and the payment. A separate confirmation by your supervisor is required for each German course, including follow-up courses unless the total annual amount of € 750.00 is approved by your supervisor.

  3. Booking the course:

    • WU Business Language Center: After obtaining the confirmation that 50% of the costs will be covered, please sign up for the chosen German course independently on the WU website >>. Please use your WU username and password to sign up for the course. During the sign-up procedure, select the payment method “invoice” and enter the following billing address: WU Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Abteilung für Personalentwicklung und Personalplanung, Frau Magdalena Ettenauer, Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Wien. The WU Business Language Center will send the bill to Ms. Ettenauer.

    • External language schools: Ms. Ettenauer will get in touch with the language school to enroll you in the course. Ms. Ettenauer will ask the school to settle the bill for the course directly with the WU Personnel Development Office.

  4. Accounting with your institute/unit:

    • WU Business Language Center: The WU Business Language Center will issue an in-house invoice to the Personnel Development office. If you have indicated your institute’s/unit’s cost center together with the confirmation that the expense has been approved, your unit will automatically be billed for 50% of the course tuition and no further accounting will be necessary on the part of the Personnel Development office.

    • External language schools: After you have completed the course, the Personnel Development Office will bill your academic or administrative unit for 50% of the costs of the course



As of the 2019 summer semester, the WU Business Language Center is offering courses in German as a foreign language for all skill levels. Even though the main target group comprises WU students, the courses are open to everyone, and enrollment in a WU degree program is not a requirement. Discounts are available to WU employees. Each course lasts half a semester and consists of 30 teaching units. They take place in small groups of 20 people directly at the WU campus.

Based on our own inquiries and on feedback from course participants in the past, we can recommend the language courses at the Internationales Kulturinstitut (IKI)

Additional language schools in Vienna (in alphabetical order):