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Two new professors at WU


Starting in January, WU is pleased to welcome 2 new professors to its faculty: Katrin Hummel as professor of accounting and reporting and Nils Wlömert as professor of retailing and data science.

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Professor Katrin Hummel, Department of Finance, Accounting & Statistics

Katrin Hummel (39) was awarded her doctorate in financial control from the University of Stuttgart for her doctoral thesis on transfer pricing systems in 2008. After graduation, she was employed by a Swiss plant engineering company, where she was responsible for the financial control of major international projects. In 2010, she returned to academia, working as a senior teaching and research assistant at the University of Zurich’s chair of accounting and as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Basel. From 2018 and 2019, she was also a visiting professor at the Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics at WU. In her research, Katrin Hummel addresses issues at the interface of accounting and sustainability, with a particular focus on sustainability reporting and performance. She applies cutting-edge automated text analysis methods in her work. “I’m looking forward to making my contribution to WU, one of the strongest research universities in the German-speaking region. Sustainability is one of the most pressing challenges our society currently faces, and accounting plays an important role in this field. This is one of the areas I plan to focus on in my teaching,” says Hummel. She started in her new position as professor of accounting and reporting at WU’s Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics on January 1, 2021.

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Professor Nils Wlömert, Department of Marketing

Nils Wlömert (41) earned his doctorate from the University of Hamburg in 2014. From 2015 to 2020, he worked as an assistant professor at WU’s Institute for Interactive Marketing & Social Media, before completing his venia docendi there in 2020. During this time, he was a visiting researcher at a number of different international universities, including the University of New South Wales, New York University, Tel Aviv University, and the University of Technology Sydney. Nils Wlömert’s research focuses mainly on the effects of digitalization and new technologies on markets and business models, for example how new online sales channels are affecting more traditional sales channels, and how they work together in multi-channel sales models. His work is often based on the analysis of huge datasets encompassing the various dimensions of corporate and consumer behavior. “I’m looking forward to cooperating with corporate partners to investigate practice-based problems and solve them using data analysis. In my teaching, I also plan to focus on providing students with skills in quantitative analysis methods, as these are in increasing demand on the job market. The question of the extent to which companies can and should be permitted to collect and analyze user data is highly relevant to today’s society. For this reason, I will also be contributing to the public discourse on the responsible and appropriate use of personal data by companies,” he says. He started in his new position as professor of retailing and data science at WU’s Department of Marketing on January 1, 2021.

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