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New professor of information systems and business engineering


WU is pleased to be welcoming a new professor to its faculty: As of March, Marta Sabou will join WU as a professor of information systems and business engineering at the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management.

Marta Sabou, aged 44, earned her PhD from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2006 with a dissertation on the integration of semantic (machine-readable) information into web services to automate searches and support the development of online services. Until 2010, she worked as a research fellow at the Knowledge Media Institute at Open University, UK. She then became an assistant professor at Modul University Vienna, where she did research on the semantic web and human computation. In 2014, she started her postdoctoral work at TU Wien, and in 2019 she also became a key semantic web expert with Siemens Corporate Technology. At Siemens, she carried out applied research on large-scale AI-based information systems designed to support digital infrastructures. In 2020, she received the prestigious Elise Richter habilitation grant from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

Research interests: AI-based information systems

In her work, Marta Sabou combines methods from information systems research and empirical software engineering (e.g. systematic literature reviews, controlled experiments). As far as research topics are concerned, Marta Sabou specifically looks at AI-based information systems, with a focus on their socio-technological aspects (including virtual organizations) and applied solutions in a number of business applications, Industry 4.0, and smart city contexts. “The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined the challenges companies are facing, and it has provided a boost for digitalization in all areas of our lives. There has been significant progress in AI-based information systems, accompanied by debates about their social repercussions, for example regarding privacy, algorithmic distortion, and discrimination,” Marta Sabou explains. “Against this background, I’m planning to take a closer look at disruptive information systems based on AI technologies. I’m looking forward to contributing my expertise to research and teaching at WU,” says Professor Sabou.

Cornelia Moll
Press Relations Officer
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Marta Sabou (c)private
Marta Sabou (c)private
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