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Current Projects

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Completed Projects 2022
Development of an impact model as well as impact indicators for the purpose of an ongoing impact analysis of the PATRIZIA Foundation
Project manager: Oliva Rauscher, Christian Grünhaus
Project members: Constanze Beeck (until 10/2021), Flavia Bogorin, Manuel Kern
Project duration: 11/2020 - 06/2022
Interreg Social Impact Vouchers (SIV)
Project manager: Eva More-Hollerweger
Project members: Flavia-Elvira Bogorin, Christian Grünhaus (prev. Schober), Daniel Heilig (until 04/2021), Olivia Rauscher (project manager area SROI analysis), Stefan Schoeggl
Project duration: 03/2019 - 05/2022
Evaluation of the Sindbad programme ÜBAFLIEGER (Get Active Social Business Award Winner 2020)
Project members: Julia Wögerbauer, Stefan Schöggl
Project duration: 09/2021 - 06/2022

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