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Social Entrepreneurship describes innovative entrepreneurial action which aims at solving social challenges.

These actions could be initiated in the form of a new business (start-up) or in the context of existing organisations (social intrapreneurship). The legal structure can vary: some social enterprises are established as an association, others as a company with limited liability. This decision process is guided by potential societal benefits of either legal structure.

Update on Interreg SIV – Social Impact Vouchers

SIV is an Interreg Central Europe project with eleven partners in eight countries, which aims to develop new and innovative labour market instruments in the form of social impact vouchers, by…

Culture & impact - our current research project with the Ministry for European and International Affairs

How does it feel when museums are closed, concerts are cancelled and many cultural offers are not available? Before March 2020: a difficult, highly unrealistic idea in our world. From March 2020:…