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Participation in the "GET ACTIVE Social Business Award" initiative

The world does not change on its own: GET ACTIVE!

If you want to make a difference, you have to take action - this is the motto of the annual GET ACTIVE Social Business Award, which calls for submissions of projects or project ideas.

In 2023, the founders of the initiative - Coca-Cola, Der Standard and the NPO and SE Competence Center of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (WU Wien) as well as the media partner 4Gamechangers - are calling for the 16th time to become socially entrepreneurially active.

Almost anyone can participate: companies, non-profit organisations, groups of committed people and ambitious individuals. In the course of the competition, the ideas must be developed in the form of a business plan ready for implementation. Based on this plan, a decision-making body selects the most worthy projects in the field of social entrepreneurship with the help of clearly defined assessment criteria, which are then supported with a substantial financial injection.

The NPO & SE Competence Center is responsible for the pre-selection of the submitted projects, is represented in the jury and carries out the accompanying evaluation of the winning projects.

Current Project Evaluation

GASBA Winner 2023

In November 2023, the "Together against energy poverty" project from the Austrian Energy Community Initiative was selected as the winning project in the GASBA 2023 final. This is a digital platform that connects energy-poor households with decentralised energy producers willing to donate energy. The aim is to enable surplus energy to be donated easily and unbureaucratically. To this end, the company cooperates with social organisations. Founder Matthias Nadrag won over the jury with this solution for a highly topical issue.

The NPO Competence Center will evaluate this project in the course of 2023.

Evaluations of Past Winning Projects

2023Energiegemeinschaft Österreich
2019everyone codes
2018Schlaue Box
2017discovering hands
2013Grow TogetherNachbarinnen
2012Out of BoxThe Connection
2011FootprintGoal on TourThree Coins
2010Gutes HolzStarthilfe Wohnen
2008Frauen ran an die Computer
2007Sinnvoll tätig sein
Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Schöggl, B.Sc.

Stefan Schöggl

Responsibilities: Impact Analyses, SROI Analyses, Social Innovation, Thematic Areas: Education, Culture, Social-Ecological Sustainability