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Impacts of Open and Associative Youth Work - Follow-up Study

The NPO & SE Competence Center was funded by the Federal Ministry for Family and Youth to conduct a literature research on empirically proven effects of open and association-based child and youth work and to analyse these findings using various categories. Specifically, the concept of the impact box developed by Grünhaus (Schober)/Rauscher (2017) was used. The aim of this study was to identify the (overall social) impacts of open and association-based youth work on the basis of evidence. This was achieved by researching the essential effects of various measures of youth work and cross-measurement youth work on the basis of scientific and grey literature. Subsequently, the identified impacts were located in the impact box, for example, on the basis of the dimensions of time (short, medium and long term), structure (micro, meso, macro) and content (economic, social, political, etc.). This study (currently only available in German) was successfully completed at the end of 2017.

Follow-up study

The current study included a revision and continuation of the impact box that had already been created in the course of the completed study. The aim was to adapt the literature analysis and subsequently transfer it into a database designed as an online tool.

In a first step the impact box youth work was tested in a pilot phase by practitioners of out-of-school child and youth work. Subsequently, their feedback was obtained and the comments and suggestions for adaptation were incorporated. In addition, the wording and terminology of the entries in the impact box were standardised. Furthermore, unclear or ambiguous categorisations were further specified and sharpened. This process was intensively monitored and supported by a working group of experts from the child and youth field. In a next step, the contents of the impact box were transferred to a database created for this purpose. The reason for this was to make the impact box accessible to the public, for which the application had to be as simple and practical as possible. In addition, this web-based version made it possible to customize the search, filter and query options as well as the output functions of the database.

Since July 2019, the online tool has been freely accessible to practitioners, researchers and others interested in the topic of out-of-school child and youth work on its own website www.wirkungsbox.at. The follow-up study was successfully completed in November 2019, but the online tool is being continuously developed.

Mag.rer.soc.oec. Olivia Rauscher

Olivia Rauscher

Senior Researcher
Responsibilities: Social Impact Measurements focusing on SROI analysis, evaluation, social inequality, poverty reduction, health promotion and prevention