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Update and Continuation of the "Impact Box Youth Work" (subsequent study)

Impact Box (graphic)

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The Impact Box Youth Work ("Wirkungsbox Jugendarbeit") is a comprehensive collection of empirically proven and well-founded effects of out-of-school child and youth work and was developed within the framework of two previous studies that have already been completed. The pilot project involved conducting a literature search on the effects of out-of-school child and youth work and classifying them on the basis of the concept of the impact box developed by Grünhaus (prev.Schober)/Rauscher (2017) and was successfully completed at the end of 2017. The follow-up project was now successfully completed in November 2019 and focused on the revision and continuation of the "Impact Box Youth Work", mainly by redesigning it in the form of an online tool (available at www.wirkungsbox.at).

The database thus provides an overview of the effectiveness of out-of-school child and youth work in its various facets. Currently, the "Wirkungsbox Jugendarbeit" contains a collection of 1,380 effects of out-of-school child and youth work from about 200 relevant German and English language literature contributions.

The aim of the current follow-up study is to update and further expand the online database created in the second project. First, current literature contributions on the effectiveness of youth work will be researched. The research concept and search strategy already developed in the pilot study will be applied for this purpose. The focus of the literature search will be on sources from the period 2017 to 2019. It will be possible, however, to additionally include older literature contributions with the help of the participating experts. In a second step, the identified literature contributions will be checked for their relevance and quality. Those sources that have passed the test will then be entered into the database.

The follow-up study is scheduled to run for one year. A further development and continuation of the impact box youth work beyond this period is certainly being considered. A next step, for example, would be to make the database bilingual in German and English.

Mag.rer.soc.oec. Olivia Rauscher

Olivia Rauscher

Senior Researcher
Responsibilities: Social Impact Measurements focusing on SROI analysis, evaluation, social inequality, poverty reduction, health promotion and prevention