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Evaluation of the Volkshilfe Upper Austria project "Strengthening the self-organization of mobile services employees by using modern technologies"

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Volkshilfe Oberösterreich (OÖ, province of Upper Austria) is carrying out a project sponsored by Arbeiterkammer OÖ under the title "Strengthening the self-organization of mobile services employees by using modern technologies". Mobile services include home nursing care, specialized social care for the elderly and home help. The aim is to increase the job satisfaction of the employees by extending or using digital support, to relieve the management of mobile services and to improve the communication channels.

The project duration is 2 years. The pilot project will take place in two mobile services regions - a rural region with about 25 employees and an urban region with about 25 employees. In total, the pilot project will therefore affect about 50 people.

Essential project contents are:

  • Survey of the current situation - How satisfied are the employees currently (project start) with the work organization?

  • Interim evaluation - Which problems / challenges arise during the course of the project? Does it come to an excessive demand of the employees? What exactly do the employees need?

  • How satisfied are the employees at the end of the project after a change in the work organization?

  • Do changes / adaptations of the digital support need to be made?

The NPO & SE Competence Center accompanies the project in the context of an evaluation.


Mag.rer.soc.oec. Eva More-Hollerweger

Eva More-Hollerweger

Senior Researcher, Chairperson of the NPO Institute (Association)
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