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Survey among partners of Austrian Red Cross' Health & Social Services

Every organisation has numerous internal and external stakeholders with the most diverse expectations. Regular exchange is of central importance here in order to gain insight into the different perspectives or points of view.

The NPO Competence Center was therefore commissioned by the Austrian Red Cross to conduct a study to assess the performance of the health and social services of the Austrian Red Cross in comparison to other providers from the perspective of relevant cooperation partners and funding agencies. In 2016 this survey was repeated in the federal provinces of Burgenland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria and Vienna after a short adaptation of the questionnaire used in 2011 to allow a comparison between the years. New questions were only included with regard to an impact-oriented strategic approach of the Red Cross.

The cooperation partners were interviewed partly by telephone and partly by means of an online tool. Subsequently, the data was evaluated uni- and bivariate, whereby, in addition to frequency evaluations, tests were also carried out to determine significant differences between the years of the survey, the groups of cost bearers and other cooperation partners as well as between the federal states.

The research report will not be published, as it is an evaluation report that is intended to serve the internal strategy of the Austrian Red Cross. The final results of the study were presented to the client in April 2017.