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The available instructions help you to set up the services you need or want to use. Because there are many different client systems in use, we only provide instructions for the most common operating systems using standard settings.

  • Just write us an email in case of questions or if you want to give us feedback to existing instructions:

  • Individual support is available at the IT Support Center.


How to set up and access your WU email account on mobile devices or other operating systems

Wi-Fi Connection

How to connect mobile devices (cell phone, laptop, etc) to the wireless network at WU

VPN Connection

Access online-services at Campus WU when you are not at the WU.

PC Labs

How to operate the airlock system

WU Account

Get a new password or change your existing ones, reset your account password using your cell phone

We continuously update and expand the instructions available.
Your feedback and requests are appreciated - please contact