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PC Labs

IT-SERVICES operates six PC labs at two locations which can be used for courses, internal trainings and individual work by all WU members during opening hours.

Available PC Labs

Room IDDesignated Use, Equipment
Practice Lab;
24 computers plus 1 teacher's PC; Windows 10
Practice Lab;
41 computers plus 1 teacher's PC; Windows 10
Teaching Lab;
35 computers plus 1 teacher's PC; Windows 10
Teaching Lab;
30 computers plus 1 teacher's PC; Windows 10
Teaching Lab;
50 computers plus 1 teacher's PC; Windows 10;
Teaching Lab;
40 computers plus 1 teacher's PC; Windows 10;

Teaching labs are primarily intended for courses, practice labs for individual work. Please consider that using the PC labs for teaching always has priority over using them for free practice.

The workstation rooms of the Department of Information Systems & Operations are not managed by IT-SERVICES. The equipment and software availability is different from what is described here.

Opening Hours

Visit the opening-hours-page for current operation times of the PC labs.

Please note that operation may be suspended for critical reasons.
Also refer to posted announcements and instructions on-site. In case of questions, contact our hotline (phone +43-1-31336-3000).

Your student ID card is required for access to the PC labs through the lock system during unattended operation times.

In case of unexpected problems during unassisted operation times, please contact the WU Security Center (phone +43-1-31336-4500) directly.

Please mind the Terms and Conditions of Use for PC Labs when using the PC labs. Thank you for your cooperation.


WU members can use our A4-scanners in front of the PC labs (LC).

Printing Account

A printing account is automatically created with the setup of a WU account. In order to use the printers in the PC labs, you must have a positive account balance. The costs for printouts are currently:

  • 1 page black and white € 0.14

  • 1 page color printing on paper € 0.36


If necessary, the printing account can be recharged at the IT Support Center (LC building, Level 1). For recharging your printing account, you need your student ID number (no other identification).

Payments to students can only be made in person by showing your student ID card or another photo ID.

Reservation of PC Labs

PC labs can be reserved for events that are not registered in the course catalog (VVZ) because they were applied for in the course of the semester. In this case, please use the Room Booking System ROOMS (also see ROOMS Booking Guidelines issued by the Teaching Coordination). Your reservation will be processed by IT-SERVICES and you will be informed by email about the further procedure.

If regular courses (i.e. courses that are registered in the course catalog) do not take place in the PC labs (e.g. due to postponements), please cancel the booking in ROOMS. Then these PC labs can be booked for other events.

Frequently Asked Questions

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