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VPN Connections

By using a VPN connection, you receive an IP-address within the network address space of the WU. This allows you to access restricted services (e.g. library catalogs or databases) which can be located inside and outside the WU campus. WU employees or WU students can download the required VPN client application free of charge.

Installing GlobalProtect VPN Client

Installation Files

  • For desktop operating systems, you can download the installation files in the Controlpanel application. Please select the menu items > Other WU services > VPN at WU

  • For mobile operating systems please visit the app store of the manufacturer of your device

Please read the advice for installing the software in the FAQs and take a look at the list of supported operating systems for release 5.1.

Mac OSControlpanel
AndroidPlease search for the app "GlobalProtect" from Palo Alto Networks in the App Store of the manufacturer of the device.
Apple iOSApple App Store

Using the correct password

For connections to, please use the password required for you:

You log in as ...Required Password
Employee (*)WU account password
StudentWU Wi-Fi Password

* includes all active employees of WU as well as former employees (account extended upon request) and external service providers with an ongoing contractual relationship with WU.

Establishing a VPN Connection

Start the VPN client and enter the following data:

UsernameWU username
look it up in the Controlpanel application: My account > Account information
Passwordsee table above
"using the correct password"

Frequently Asked Questions

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