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CHANGE Project: Pioneering Digital Protection in Mixed Reality through Sustainable Computing Lab's Initiative


We are pleased to announce the commencement of the CHANGE project: Computational Humanistic ANalytics for diGital Experiences.

The Institute for Information Management and Control's Sustainable Computing Lab proudly announces the commencement of a new project, "CHANGE" (Computational Humanistic ANalytics for diGital Experiences). This pioneering initiative is generously funded by Wirtschaftsagentur Wien's Tech4People2023 program and collaborates with esteemed partners, including the Research Studio Pervasive Computing Applications of the Research Studios Austria and SomaReality company.

Project Overview:
In anticipation of the release of novel technologies such as Apple glasses, Mixed Reality (MR) technologies are poised to revolutionize user experiences across various sectors such as healthcare, education, training, and entertainment. These technologies, while offering innovative and immersive services, also raise significant concerns regarding the handling of extensive and sensitive personal data. Presently, the industry lacks robust mechanisms and guiding principles that allow users to maintain control over their personal information without foregoing the benefits of these services.

Project Objectives:
The CHANGE project endeavors to address this critical gap by developing a human-centric data analytics framework. This framework aims to achieve two primary goals:

  • Provision of observable behavioral and physiological indicators along with interpretations of human states, thus offering valuable insights into user experiences.

  • Establishment of a GDPR-compliant solution that reinforces user autonomy over their data and digital life. This includes mechanisms for data access control, consent management, and other privacy-preserving features.

Impact on the MR Industry:
The CHANGE project is set to substantially elevate the Mixed Reality industry by:

  • Empowering developers to utilize the functionalities and interfaces provided by the analytics layer, thereby fostering innovation in application development.

  • Diminishing the trust barrier between companies and users regarding data usage, thereby enhancing user confidence and participation in MR services.

  • This project signifies a significant step towards harmonizing technological advancement with personal digital protection and control, thereby setting a new standard for responsible innovation in the Mixed Reality domain.

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