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student papers

Master thesis:

The Role of Trust and Regulation in Ridesharing, Szaffenauer, Judit 2018-07-05

Bachelor thesis:

The contemporary phenomenon of Collaborative Consumptions. A Business-model analysis with special regard to Best practices in differing commercial interrelations and their impact on competing traditional Businesses. Polagnoli, Christoff-Marcello 2019-01-29

Digital multi-sided platforms: On the cutting edge of a new economy. Ziermann, Peter 2018-11-30

Analysis of terms and conditions of European P2P sharing platforms. Ayach, Mounir 2018-09-24

The trust and power relations within the Airbnb universe - Through the eyes of a host. Keresztfalvi, Fabian July 2018

Should Car Sharing be further prompted in view of Sustainability? Schmidlechner, Sarah Alexandra 2017-09-27

Shared mobility - Business models and consumer behavior Borosnyai, Zsófia 2017-08-18

A Literature Review on Collaborative Consumption Practices. The Case of Landsharing Popescu, Luiza-Cristina 2017-06-27