Team of the month 06/22: Project Management Manual


In recent years, the number and scope of projects at WU has risen sharply. This trend will continue. A working group consisting of Christine Albrecht, Dalibor Babic, Gisela Bartsch, Gregor Bauer, Irene Fellner, Roland Humer, Maria Kutzelnig, Georg Mautner, Kerstin Perko, Sigrid Schlor has therefore spent the last few months working on how to summarize basic terms and phases in project management specifically for WU. Vice-Rector Michael Lang has now honored the working group as "Team of the Month".

WU uses the project management standard PRINCE2 and can build on the positive experience of IT-SERVICES with this methodology. To try out the applicability of PRINCE2 in practice right away, the working group agreed at the beginning to implement the manual as a "project." "This raised some questions at the beginning and initially extended the start-up phase in the project," explains Roland Humer, who commissioned the manual. "In the actual implementation, however, we were then able to keep to the schedule in every phase due to the clarity in the distribution of roles and tasks. The manual, including the intranet site, was published on schedule. We thus handled our resources in the project very efficiently and productively."

In a large organization like WU, coordination processes and project planning can take longer. This is where a shared understanding of project management can help projects move faster and more efficiently. Even without current research project staff members, PRINCE2's structured guidelines and checklists help plan and organize tasks.

Gisela Bartsch, who wrote essential parts of the manual, explains the concept of the manual: "The project management terminology is partly unfamiliar. When writing, it was important for us to use an easy language. With visualizations and concrete examples from WU, we want to make the phases and terms understandable and comprehensible."

The manual, along with additional documents and links, is available on the Project Management@WU intranet site. Information on individual project phases has been supplemented with checklists, a glossary, and an overview of committees that participate as stakeholders in projects at WU. With this information, we would like to create the basis for a complete understanding of the implementation of projects at WU.

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