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The Institute for Gender and Diversity in Organizations aims to convey fundamental principles and current research findings on diversity in the organizational context through its courses. The focus of the teaching tenets lies in the critical reflection and advancement of theories and models of business conduct, as well as the development of new and innovative concepts for implementing diversity as a management strategy. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the subject area, the teaching is focused on business administration with an interdisciplinary approach.

In the Bachelor's program, the Institute for Gender and Diversity in Organizations coordinates the Special Business Administration (SBWL) on Diversity Management. Within a series of five courses, the students are provided with the foundations of diversity management. This equips them to identify potential for change in organizations regarding diversity management within the context of organizational and social scientific issues, formulate strategic objectives, and develop practical skills for implementation in collaboration with real-life organizations.

At the master's level, the Institute offers courses within the Master’s program “Management” on Organizational Theory as well as in the competency fields of Diversity and Sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility. In these courses, master's students acquire the key foundations of diversity and diversity management under the aspects of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. They gain the ability to identify and critically reflect upon the organizational specificities related to questions on the implementation of diversity strategies. Based on this knowledge, they plan and implement diversity-relevant sustainable strategies within organizations.

As part of the doctoral/PhD courses offered, students develop and reflect upon their own dissertation projects in light of national and international research findings. Based on the concept of "collegial consultation", participants learn collaboratively and support each other in advancing their scientific work.

You can find a comprehensive overview of all courses offered by the Institute for Gender and Diversity in Organizations in the online course catalog (eVVZ).