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English Profile

Martin Spitzer is full Professor of Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law at WU, which he joined in 2011. His main areas of interest range from property law, credit securities and bankruptcy law, to product liability, the law of obligations and the law of succession. He has published extensively in all fields of civil and civil procedure law, taking comparative and historical perspectives into account, and with a special focus on the interface between substantive and procedural law. He is a member of the editorial board of Österreichische Juristenzeitung (ÖJZ), and co-​author of Austria's best-​selling legal book, Bürgerliches Recht ([Civil Law], 6th ed, Perner/Spitzer/Kodek 2019).

Before his appointment to the chair, Professor Spitzer had previously been a visiting professor at WU and an associate professor of Civil Law at the University of Vienna. He completed his doctorate on liens in 2003 and his Habilitation on privileges in insolvency in 2012.

In his academic research and teaching, Professor Spitzer also draws on several years' practical experience at a Viennese law firm. The combination of his academic track record and his understanding of the demands of legal practice makes him a sought-​after guest speaker and visiting lecturer. This comprehensive approach also informs his teaching at WU, where private substantive and procedural law are both core subjects in the LL.B. and LL.M. curricula.