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Global Tax Governance Programme with E.U.I

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Research Agreement

We are delighted to announce an agreement for a joint research project has been initiated between the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law and the European University Institute (EUI), Florence.

The joint programme on Tax and Governance between the EUI and the WU Global Tax Policy Center at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, WU, aims to bridge the gap between research and policy, by bringing together academics, business leaders and policymakers at the highest level to discuss in an informal environment, issues of global governance.

The topics covered are:

  • Tax, Governance, accountability and transparency;

  • Tax competition: establishing global rules of the game;

  • Governance, illicit flows and the role of tax administrations;

  • Global tax governance, sustainable growth and financial stability;

  • Managing the global environment and scarce resources: The tax governance issues.

Previous Events

  • Executive Seminar "Beneficial Ownership and Trusts - moving towards greater transparency" June 3, 2013, Lisbon

This Seminar discussed the role that trusts play in cross-border investments and the obstacles that trusts and identification of beneficial ownership may pose to the current international move towards transparency, this is a subject that the G20 referred to the need to examine these issues both in the context of FATF and Tax co-operation. Please find below the seminar summary:


  • High Level Policy Seminar, Florence, 11th July 2013 "Tax Policy in the 21st Century: New Concepts For Old Problems".

More information to come shortly.

Future Events