Dissertationen und Habilitationen

BLUM Daniel, (Habil.)

BURIAK Svitlana, "The concepts of Value and Value Creation in International Tax Law and their Role for effective taxation of Digitalized Businesses" (Diss.)

CAPRILES Theo, "Harmful tax competitions Initiatives customary international law" (PhD)

CAPRISTANO CARDOSO Gabriela, "Simplification Measures and their compativility with the arm's length principle" (Diss.)

CHROUSTOVSKY Stephanie, "Multilateralism in Tax Treaty Law" (Diss.)

DAMBERGER Robin, "CO2-Steuern" (Diss.)

DIMITROPOULOU Christina, "Robot tax" (PhD)

DZIWINSKI Karol Adam, "DEMPE Concept and Intangibles. Definition, practical application and analysis in the context of license model" (Diss.)

GARCÍA Flavia, "Three Essays on the Economics of International Business Taxation" (PhD)

GENEST Nadia, "Family firms’ perspective on tax decision making" (PhD)

GOVIND Sriram, "Fundamental inequities in the allocation of taxing rights in tax treaties: Issues and possible solutions" (PhD.)

HEBER, Caroline, "Enhanced Cooperation Procedure and European Tax Law" (Habil.)

HOLZINGER Raphael, "Ergebnisabgrenzung bei verbundenen Unternehmen und Betriebsstätten Post-BEPS: Rechtsformneutralität im OECD Musterabkommen" (Diss.)

KÁROLYI Balázs, "Turnover-based business taxes and its compatibility with EU law" (Diss.)

KLOKAR Martin, "Die Zeit im Ertragsteuerrecht" (Diss.)

KOCH Petra, "BEPS Action 7: Pes" (Diss.)

LAN Shimeng, "Redefining taxpayers' rights to privacy and data protection in digital era" (Diss.)

LAZAROV Ivan, "Anti-abuse and the EU Internal Market" (PhD)

LUO Xiangdan, "Do Tax Treaties give rise to double taxation in dual-taxpayer cases. A Legal Analysis of Art. 1(3) OECD MC 2017" (PhD)

MIGAI Clement, "Tax and Iffs in Extractive Industries" (Diss.)

MILADINOVIC Alexandra, "Selectivity and the Arm's Length Priciple in EU Tate aid law" (Diss.)

MOLDASCHL Katharina, "Ertragsteuerrecht und Sozialversicherungsrecht" (Diss.)

NAVISOTSCHNIGG Florian, "Substance in International Tax Law" (Diss.)

OLOWSKA Marta, "Digitalization & indirect taxation" (Diss.)

ORZECHOWSKI David, "Technical Services (UN)" (Diss.)

PENG Xue, "Transfer Pricing Location Specific Advantages", (PhD)

PÉREZ JARPA Cristóbal, "Value Creation and Tax Treaties" (PhD)

PETRUZZI Raffaele, "Transfer Pricing Aspects of Intra-Group Financing" (Habil.)

POLLAK Christina, "VAT and Platforms" (Diss.)

PRASANNA Sayee, "Business Restructuring and Transfer Pricing" (Diss.)

RAMHARTER Lisa Maria, "Eigene Anteile in Bilanz- und Ertrag- Steuerrecht" (Diss.)

RIEDL Mario, "Die Zukunft des Berufsgeheimisses: Ist das Vertrauensverhältnis zwischen Berater und Klient gefährdet?" (Diss.)

ROSCA Ioana-Felicia, "Double non-taxation and the use of hybrid financial instruments in the European Union" (PhD)

RUIZ Alejandro, "The economic Impact of the adoption of Human Rights in Taxpayer’s defense" (PhD)

SALES PARADA Henrique Marcio, "Requirements for Efficient Mandatory Disclosure Rules on Aggressiv Tax Planning" (PhD)

SAMUEL, "Three Essays on Taxes and Finance" (Diss.)

SCREPANTE Mirna Solange, "Rethinking the ALP in Value Creation Era" (Diss.)

SILLER Selina, "Outsourcing bei nicht verbundenen Unternehmensträgern in der Umsatzsteuer" (Diss.)

STASIO, "Tax treaties networks: formation, externalities and foreign direct investment" (Diss.)

STREICHER Annika, "VAT Dispute Resolution the Framework of European Law" (Diss.)

SZUDOCZKY Rita, "The role of general principles in coordinating international tax law, general principles underlying the BEPS Project" (Habil.)

TURCAN Laura, "Schiedsklauseln in DBA (Art 25 OECD-MC + UN-MC)" (Diss.)

TURIC Draga, "Verfahrensrechtliche Anforderungen in der umsatzsteuerlichen Rspr. EuGH" (Diss.)

ULLMANN, "Digital Taxes and Double Tax Conventions" (Diss.)

VALLADA Felipe, "Beneficial Ownership and the OECD: History, Analysis and Jurisprudence" (PhD)

ZÖHRER Christiane, "Vertreterbetriebsstätte post BEPS" (Diss.)

ZOLLES Stephanie, "Striking the Balance between the Principle of Territoriality and the Fundamental Freedoms: The CJEU’s Case Law in Direct Taxation" (Diss.)